Opening The Box

of Possibilities

ThinkCrate is a series of Arduino-based project kits for geeks who will like to create their own cool electronics projects. Utilizing the Arduino platform, everyone can build and program their creations!

ThinkCrate Series 1

Electronics Projects for All!

Every ThinkCrate contains a unique project, so you never run out of cool and interesting projects to complete! At ThinkCrate, we are constantly searching for new creations, so join us on your journey to tinkering!

From display to playable projects, we have it all…

Independent Learning

Learning is easy with ThinkCrate

All ThinkCrate projects come with step-by-step online instructions, complete with video tutorials. No prior knowledge needed, even beginners can get started!

Fuss-free Engagement

An Inside Look

Every ThinkCrate comes with all the necessary components for constructing your project. This saves you the hassle on getting the parts separately and you can start building your creations right away! These are some of the items you can expect in each ThinkCrate

Essential project-specific electrical components.
Connecting Cable
Bring your project to life with the USB/MicroUSB cable.
Unit Cover
Polish off your finished project in style with our specially designed acrylic casing.
Jumper Wires
Multi-use jumper wires for connecting your electrical components to the Arduino compatible board.
Arduino Board
The heart of your project, enabling you to connect and power a myriad of Electrical Components.
The base in which to connect all your electrical components.

Take Your Learning Further

Bonus content which explains the Arduino program and hardware is provided for your further learning. ThinkPortal also provides you with additional learning activities that empower you to learn beyond the project. Grasp the fundamentals and create your own project modifications. The limits are endless.

Program Explanations

Hardware Explanations

Additional Activities

How It Works

Choose between a single ThinkCrate or a ThinkCrate Bundle and select your desired ThinkCrate Projects. Fill in your details and checkout!

Piece together and program your ThinkCrate project using the detailed online instructions. Simply log on to ThinkPortal!

Admire and play with your completed project! Interested to learn more? Stay on ThinkPortal, try out the additional activities and tweak your own projects!

Still have unanswered questions? Try our FAQs section.

Makers Round the World

Show Us Your Projects!

Tag your creations at #thinkcrate and have a chance to be featured here


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