What is ThinkCrate?

ThinkCrate is a combination of the words, "Think" and "Crate"; each project in the crate is aimed at invoking thought and learning. ThinkCrate is an electronics project crate that contains an Arduino based electronics project. Users will be brought through a step-by-step instruction guide to complete the hardware and programming aspect of the project.
No prior programming experience is required and beginners can try out ThinkCrate as well!

How many ThinkCrate Projects are there?

Each project series contains 12 projects, we are currently at ThinkCrate Series 1. We plan to have a variety of projects that span from aesthetically pleasing displays, to interactive games to projects that design art.

Who is ThinkCrate suitable for?

ThinkCrate is suitable for adults and children who want to create their own DIY electronic projects as a stepping stone to start making. For children, the recommended age is 10 years old and above.

How long does it take to complete a ThinkCrate Project?

The time taken depends on the difficulty of a project and the user experience in assembling electronic projects. On average we estimate that Tier 1 projects take about 1 hour; Tier 2 projects take about 2 hours; and Tier 3 projects take about 3 hours.

What are some of the Hardware and Arduino programming taught in ThinkCrate projects?

We have a variety of ThinkCrate projects that utilise different hardware and program. They range from simple to complicated hardware for example, LEDs, LCD screens, Push Buttons, Slider/knob Potentiometers, Stepper Motors, RGB Matrix, 4 Digit 7 Segment Displays, LED Ring.
Programming wise, under Bonus content we also provide learning materials that cover: If/else programming, Variables, User Defined Functions, Arrays and many others.

What else do I require to work on a ThinkCrate project?

Each ThinkCrate comes with all required electronic components and detailed step by step instruction. You will still need your own computer with a USB port to program your ThinkCrate project. You will need an internet connection to access ThinkPortal content.

Does ThinkCrate come in other languages?

At the moment, ThinkCrate projects are only available in English. Most of the coding utilised in Arduino are based on English as well.

Ordering and Shipping

I have accidentally made a payment for an order that I will like to cancel, can I request for a refund?

Strictly no refunds will be provided for erroneous orders. Please confirm that your order is correct before making payment.

What are the countries that ThinkCrate delivers to?

We ship worldwide!

What are the shipping costs for different countries?

For shipping to:
Singapore / Malaysia: Free
Rest of Asia: Approx SGD 5 per ThinkCrate
Rest of World: Approx SGD 10 per ThinkCrate

Does the shipping cost change if i purchase a larger ThinkCrate Bundle?

The shipping cost is calculated on the number of ThinkCrates ordered. For the 3 ThinkCrate Bundle, the shipping cost is 3 times that of a single ThinkCrate.

How long does it take for the ThinkCrates to be delivered after the order is confirmed?

The order will be processed and mailed out within 5 working days. However, actual mail lead time may differ due to geographical location and postal services.

ThinkPortal and Account

What is ThinkPortal?

ThinkPortal is the online learning portal which provides detailed step by step instruction on how to build and program your ThinkCrate project. ThinkPortal will also provide you with bonus content on electronic components and the Arduino codes. This portal will explain in detail the various Arduino programming constructs and how to fully utilize all the individual electronic components provided in each ThinkCrate. In short, it enables you to pick up the basic coding and electronics skill to modify or create entirely new Arduino projects!

How do I create an account for ThinkPortal?

Your ThinkPortal account is automatically created when you first make a ThinkCrate purchase, at the checkout page. You do not have to separately create a ThinkPortal account.

I have successfully ordered a ThinkCrate, why am I unable to access ThinkPortal?

Our team will need to check the payment records, ensure that the shipping address is correct, and mail out the ThinkCrate to you first! We will drop you an email to let you know once you are able to access ThinkPortal.

I forgot my ThinkPortal user name!

You may use the email address that you used to make your ThinkCrate purchase to log in.

I forgot my ThinkPortal password!

You may use the following link to reset your password:

I will like to update my billing/shipping address

You may do so under My Account ( after log in.