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ThinkCrate was created after a decade of experience from teaching Robotics and Coding. In 2008, we founded Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning and developed a set of curriculum for Arduino and LEGO Mindstorm. With experience working with governmental and private schools, we realised a growing need for Technology Education, and the Maker movement.

Fuelled by our experience, we wanted to create a product that is able to inspire children to tinker and create. This product needs to be easy to assemble and code, with no barriers to entry so that children will not be intimidated before they even start. Thus we created, ThinkCrate.

What is ThinkCrate?

ThinkCrate is a series of Arduino-based project kits which provides a basic introduction to programming and circuitry.

Both children and adults alike can simply choose an invention of their interest from an assortment of ThinkCrate projects and kickstart their STEM journey.

Our projects range from decorative items to interactive games. Each crate includes all the components required to construct the creations. Online step-by-step guides and video tutorials are provided to teach users how to assemble their products. Bonus content is also available and teaches users how the Arduino programme and hardware works.

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What’s in each ThinkCrate?

All the Arduino hardware components and programme required to construct the projects will be provided.
ThinkCrate facilitates fuss-free engagement with all the necessary components users need in one place.

ThinkCrate Online Resources

Users will be provided with a code to log in to the ThinkPortal where they can access step-by-step guides and video tutorials for their independent learning.
There will also be bonus content which explains the Arduino program and hardware, as well as additional activities, for those who want to learn more.

Step-by-Step Guides


Video Tutorials


Bonus Content – Program Explanations


Bonus Content – Hardware Explanations


Bonus Content – Additional Activities

ThinkCrate Projects

An assortment of projects to cater to every user. More projects are soon to come!

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Corporate Clients and Events

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Infocomm and Media Development Authority (IMDA) Tech Saturday
(May 2018)
Invited by IMDA to conduct classes at Tech Saturday to teach participants how to assemble and code the ThinkCrate Electronic Piano project.

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (September 2018)
ThinkCrate Reaction Game projects were utilised by Cedar Girl’s Secondary to impart electronic circuitry and coding skills to over 4 classes of Secondary 1 students.

DSO National Laboratories
(March 2019)
ThinkCrate was engaged to teach a group of 20 DSO staff to assemble and code using the ThinkCrate Whack-A-Mole project.

Chung Cheng Main High School
(June 2019)

ThinkCrate taught students at Chung Cheng High about prototyping with electronic circuits and programming it to work.